AVAILABLE – WILLOW 2 yr old Husky

Isn´t this the sweetest face you´ve ever seen? Stunning looks and a great personality, Willow has it all! Willow is a small 2 yr old Husky who weighs around 55 lbs. She is spayed and up to date on vaccinations.

Willow knows some basic commands, but acts like a young pup and can jump up or forget her proper manners. For this reason, older children might be better than little ones. She is very friendly with all people and becomes cuddly once she knows you. Willow is very food motivated, so clear your countertops! This does make her very trainable.

Willow loves playing with other dogs and would do well in a household with a well matched dog her size or larger. When left alone in the house for short periods of time, she is not destructive. Willow is housetrained. Car rides are great fun for this lady!

NO CATS or other small animals for this girl (including very small dogs). She has a large prey drive which has gotten the best of her in the past. We need a family who will set her up for success and will prevent her from coming into contact with small animals.

This beautiful girl has been through a lot of changes in her young life and deserves a stable, loving home who will commit to her for the rest of her life.


Please e-mail islandpacificdogrescue@gmail.com for an application


PENDING ADOPTION – DOOGY – 2 yr old Labrador/ Golden Retriever X
This handsome fella is Doogy! He is a large, gorgeous goofball! He came into our rescue last week and from what we can tell so far, he is like a puppy in a full grown body, who doesn´t really know what boundaries are. Doogy can be mouthy and jump up. For this reason, no children under 12 yrs old. Dog savvy teenagers should be okay.

We are looking for a foster home (with the possibility to adopt) who will work with Doogy on basic training. An experienced and confident person/ family is needed. If you don´t take charge, Doogy will. He loves walks and playtime! He has been friendly with all the volunteers he has met so far and just craves attention.

Doogy has been playing with other dogs while in our care and has lived with another dog in his previous home. He could go to a home with a well matched 4-legged friend. He has not been tested with cats!
Please e-mail islandpacificdogrescue@gmail.com for an application



JOEY – 6 month old mixed breed
Meet little Joey, who might just have the most adorable ears in the world! This pup is only 6 months old. Our best guess is that he´s a Doberman/ Manchester Terrier mix, but we don´t know for sure. He is a small dog and will probably be small/medium sized when full grown (30 – 40lbs maybe).
He is doing great in his foster home and loves playing with all the other dogs there. This little boy has a lot of energy, so will need to go to an active home. We would love to place him with another dog, who can show Joey the ropes and be a playmate for him. He mostly ignores the cat in the home, which is a good sign!

Joey is very easy going and loves everyone he meets. He could go to a home with dog savvy children. If he could find a home where he has lots of human companionship during the day as well, he would totally love that!
Please e-mail islandpacificdogrescue@gmail.com for an application



RUSSO – 1 year old Dachshund

This little loverboy is Russo, an approximately 1 year old dachshund weighing in at 16lbs. Neutered and up to date on vaccinations.
Russo is settling into his foster home really well. He has only had 1 little accident in the house, so it´s safe to say he´s mostly house trained. He does okay in a crate for short periods of time or during the night (but he really prefers to snuggle in the bed with his humans). Russo doesn´t mind car rides. Russo seems to enjoy the company of small and medium dogs, but he´s a bit leery of large dogs. He has not been tested with cats. Little humans make Russo a bit nervous, so we´d like him to go to a home without small children. Walkies? Yes please! Russo´s leash manners are good and he gets excited when it´s time to go out! He needs to build some confidence at night, as he gets spooked easily in the dark (when outside).
This little soul just wants to love and be loved!


AVAILABLE – YARA – 2 year old Australian Cattle Dog
*Special needs*

This beautiful girl is a sweetheart and will love you unconditionally! She absolutely adores people, is good with kids and is looking for an understanding family to make her own. Yara is a 45lbs Australian cattle dog, spayed, housetrained and estimated to be 2 years old.

She is almost completely deaf. She does respond well to visual cues, so with training, her lack of hearing could be easily managed. A home where she can be the center of attention would be ideal! She does like playing with well matched dogs, so one 4-legged companion might work (she can get overwhelmed around too many dogs and get defensive). She has no known history with cats, but is probably best suited to a home with no small animals. Yara has a lot of energy and needs to run! A large yard would be preferred. We are looking for a home that can provide a “job” for Yara, as it is difficult to tire this girl out. Yara has shown some resource guarding around food (especially around other dogs), so this has to be monitored. She can be a little mischievous, so being home alone will have to be build up slowly. Yara is very smart and is willing to please. She just needs a family who will put the effort in to learn communicating in a way that works for Yara.

Her story: “Yara was pulled from a shelter in Texas, where she had been seized as a stray, along with another female Australian cattle dog. It has been a traumatic couple of months for this sweet girl, having spent 10 days at the shelter, 16 days in a boarding kennel awaiting transport, a night with a foster family, a 3 day bus trip, and to top it all off, she arrived “in heat”. Undoubtedly this has all contributed to her issues.”


Please e-mail islandpacificdogrescue@gmail.com for an application