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Available Dogs

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Are You Considered Non-Profit?

We are a Non-Profit organization, not through choice (unless one considers the choice to make a life better for a canine) but by plain circumstance. Most, if not all of our rescues, come to us with little but the body they were born with, and some not even that much, sadly. While our wonderful foster homes and kennels provide shelter, there is still the expenses of food, toys, bedding and crates to be accounted for, which is all “out of pocket” expenses. Non-Profit is the most apt description available.

Why Do You Do It Then?

We do this for the love of the dogs, not because we are driven by some profit margin, but because we look into the eyes of dogs who are left in horrible situations and try to make the best of what life has handed them. We sacrifice our cups of coffee or our dinners out so we can support the animals in need.

Do You Take Contributions?

ABSOLUTELY we do, in fact we are extremely fortunate to have an amazing trainer give us a great rate and a veterinarian who does the same thing. We have a local pet store that raises contributions every time someone comes in to get their animals nails clipped. We have had grooming at discounted (sometimes at no charge!) rates and help with bags of food. We have our dogs in foster homes so they are not in a kennel situation (though a lack of foster families sometimes demands kennels be utilized); all these people are contributing their time to help with the caring of the dogs also. The list is great, but we can always use more for the “In Case of Emergency” fund.

How Can I Help The Rescue?

There are many, many ways that a rescue society can be helped, whether through contributions (monetary or supplies), volunteering, fostering, or simply word of mouth… It takes a dedicated community to make this all happen.